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Pokemon event distribution rom download

Pokemon event distribution rom

25 Feb This is the USA Pokemon Legendary Beast Distribution Nintendo DS distribution rom, used to distribute Raikou, Entei, Suicune and Celebi. Download Pokemon Entei, Raikou, Suicune GameStop PKM Files. NTR-Y8PE-USA - GameStop Shiny Legendary 20 Oct distributionevent-rom-usa- I have a save file with a event Pokemon from Gold (Celebs, I think). 17 Sep For those previous games I've found tools that alter an existing distribution rom so that it distributes other wonder card events. The format used.

Also if there's a chance we might that someday we might get a Distribution ROM like from the 10th Anniversary and we are able to disassemble. 30 Jan This Distribution ROM does the same thing, only it is officialy distributed by nintendo. If you dont get the pokemon thorugh the actual event. 10 Nov Contains: Toys R Us Manaphy- GameStop Deoxys- Toys R Us Dragonite- Nintendo World Store + Toys R Us Darkrai-.

Did you miss the Gamestop Deoxys event from ? No rating because this isn't technically a game but it's a very interesting tool for the Pokemon players. I'm searching a way to receive the 10ANNIV events in another cartridges than .. By obvious hacks I mean a distro rom that doesn't exist. I worked at Event City in Manchester, UK during Worlds and . Japanese event leaks/dumps/ROMs are worth their weight in gold.



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