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When talking about -5 degrees I prefer to say "Negative 5 degrees." Perhaps it is because I have a math background, or perhaps it's just more common usage. Not common, but yes, interchangeable. To my ear, "negative X degrees" is normal, and "minus X degrees" is a bit affected. However, Janus. Negative temperatures have also been achieved in motional degrees of freedom. Using an optical lattice, upper.

12 Mar For example, I doubt you have ever heard the TV weather person say that the temperature will fall to “negative three (degrees).” No, she or he. An average daily minimum temperature in January is minus 28 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 33 degrees Celsius), while the average high is minus 12 F ( minus. The photo gallery presents a list of top ten coldest countries in the world where winter temperatures goes below minus degrees. Snow and torrential rains .

Ice is water below zero degrees Celsius. Ice. Very cold still but bearable if in lots of warm clothes. cold outside at minus 10 degrees celsius. 0. Water freezes. 13 Mar - 37 sec His body temperature shows minus degrees and it is believed that he will never be able to fall. A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Maths about foundation level negative numbers.



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